April can do up to four presentations (each 45 min-1 hr) with
groups of up to approx 150. Her presentations are interactive
so she prefers classroom or library settings.

April has been a guest speaker and panelist at
several events including the Texas Book Festival,
Austin Teen Book Festival, and the San Antonio
Book Festival.
April speaks with students about
writing from real life experiences,
and asks questions to spark
ideas for their own stories. She
also speaks about the
challenges and joys of being a
writer, and how she was inspired
to write each one of her books.
She leaves time for questions as
well. If you prefer, she can also
do a writing workshop with your


April Lurie is a librarian's delight.  Students find her lively presentation style engaging and her
writer's workshop was right on target for 7th grade TAKS writing preparation.  Students came to
the library looking for her books following her visit, and several chose April as their research
topic for a Language Arts author project.  April Lurie is on my list of authors to invite for a return
visit. -- Kate DiPronio, Cedar Valley Middle School

April Lurie is a treasure. The kids at the Gardner Betts Detention Center enjoyed their time with
April immensely.  We were concerned that "Brothers, Boyfriends and other Criminal Minds" was a
"girl book" and the boys would be harder to engage in conversation. After all it has a hot pink
cover. We could not have been more wrong. As it turns out, hot pink is the new macho! April
really brought her work to life for the kids. They not only learned about her work but the nuts and
bolts of writing as well. I would recommend her for any school program for boys or
girls.  -- Devona Carpenter  Youth Program Specialist, Austin Public Library        

Thanks for coming to LOMS.  Your presentation was a treat for the kids, teachers, and me.  Our
kids were engrossed with the stories of your personal experiences.  I think that's what made your
presentations so successful.  Thanks for sharing so much a part of yourself.  The book
giveaways were a hit as well.  Very generous of you! -- Kathy Loper, Lake Olympia Middle School

The students really seemed interested in your stories. Several asked for your books which area
all checked out.  I never see Brothers, Boyfriends & Other Criminal Minds on the shelf!  One boy
who wanted to check out Dancing in the Streets of Brooklyn said he thought your experiences
paralleled his.  We really enjoyed having you here at DMS. Helen Davis, Dulles Middle School
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